Al-Muntazar Academy (ALMA) is an Online Islamic Academy covering fundamental topics of Islamic study.  It has been conceptualised with a view to allow all the Muslims in general and Shia Ithna Ashari (Shia Twelvers) in particular to pursue knowledge which - in the light of many traditions - is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman.

With Online study here to stay and with everyone busy in their academic studies and other pursuits, ALMA endeavours to make Islamic knowledge accessible to one and all.

The courses offered by the Academy have their roots in the Holy Quran and the pure and divine teachings of our Infallible Imams (a.s).

The USP of the courses is the convenience and flexibility of pursuing the topics of choice.

ALMU offers courses “Certificate Courses in Islamic Studies” in five subjects



Each subject consists of multiple courses. Each course has different levels.


Eg: TAUHEED (Monotheism)


Each course consists of a series of lectures. Every lecture is followed by a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test. After appearing for the test, the next lecture will be activated.

At the end of the completion of the course a Marksheet and Certificate (soft copies) will be emailed.

After registration, students can login and pick and choose any subject and the course available within it. The level too can be selected by them based on their prior knowledge on that topic. They can simultaneously study different courses from different subjects.

The courses have been written and designed by a team of faculties - under the mentorship of Hujjatul Islam Maulana Ahmedali Abidi sahab - that has an experience of more than forty years in the field of religious education. They have spent a good part of their lives teaching and training the youths in religious studies and making them an adornment for the Ahle Bait (a.s).

Online Video Lectures on:
  • Who has created this world?
  • Importance of Adl
  • Furu-e-Deen
  • Respect of Parents
  • Brotherhood
  • etc...